Performance 공연안내

Daegu Opera House Foundation makes its best effort to provide the audience with comfortable and pleasant watching environment.

You can reserve tickets for all performances held in Daegu Opera House over the Internet however, please understand that Internet advance purchase of ticket may be unavailable for some rented performances according to the promoter's operating method.

  • 1 etiquette Preview for the Performance

    Before coming to the theater, check and study the opera you plan to enjoy in advance through books or the internet. Familiarize yourself with the plot, the composer, the era of the work, and key points for appreciation. This will enhance your experience during the opera performance.

  • 2 etiquette Arrive 30 Minutes Before the Show, Enter 10 Minutes Before

    Once the performance has started, entrance is generally not allowed except during intermissions. It is recommended to arrive at the theater 30 minutes before the performance starts, and to enter the auditorium no later than 10 minutes before the performance begins. If you arrive late, entry may be possible during a break, depending on the situation. Find the nearest available seat, and during intermission, locate your assigned seat.

  • 3 etiquette No Admission for Preschool Children

    To ensure the convenience of the audience, entrance to the opera house is allowed for elementary school students and above. Preschool children, even with purchased tickets, are not allowed to enter the venue. Before booking your tickets, please verify the recommended age for attendance.

  • 4 etiquette No Photography or Mobile Phone Usage

    Unauthorized photography and recording are strictly prohibited inside the venue. Flash photography can disrupt orchestral musicians' ability to read their music temporarily. Please switch off mobile phones and alarm functions on electronic watches during the performance.

  • 5 etiquette Food and drinks, and noise-inducing items are not allowed in

    Food (including beverage), bouquet, shopping bag, large or noise-inducing items should be kept in the coatroom at the lobby before admission.

  • 6 etiquette Wheelchair Use

    For wheelchair users, there are wheelchair rows prepared in the auditorium on 1F, 2F, and 3F of the theater. Wheelchair users can park in the B1 space and take the elevator to the dressing room area on 1F and then use the wheelchair lift connected to the auditorium to move to the lobby.

  • 7 etiquette Safety Accident & Robbery Alert

    For the safety of all audience, please go out through the exit, and ask the information desk for emergency medicine. Meanwhile, it is recommended to take your bag and handbag with you while leaving your seat just in case of robbery. Please inquire to the information desk for lost articles and found articles.

  • 8 etiquette Non-smoking Building

    The entire Opera House building is non-smoking area. Please refrain from smoking and use the verandas located in the south of lobbies on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors for smoking which is designated smoking areas.